Winter 2019 Update

Hello everyone! 

Just a few quick updates for the new year: 

1. NAMM was incredible! I met so many talented musicians, including Emily Elbert (one of my personal favorites). On Saturday evening, I was lucky enough to secure a slot at a songwriter showcase in Anaheim. The showcase was at The Fifth, a rooftop bar looking over Disney Land. Incredible - the show was a success! I posted a few clips on my Instagram Account, so you can check out the performance there! Big thanks to Elite Acoustics for allowing me to have a life-changing experience (and or making amazing portable PA systems!). Also thank you to Christian Simmons from SMAX Entertainment for putting together a wonderful showcase for us songwriters to be a part of :) 

2. The album is (finally) in the mastering stages, which means this thing should be releasing soon! I don't have an exact date, but once I send in the album to be pressed, I'll have a date. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to promote it through some local radio/tv programs, such as the Songwriter Show, Ally's Attic, and even ABC's Tampa Tampa Bay Morning Blend! The credit for these appearances point to Bruce Wawrzyniak, president of Now Hear This, a management company I've been working with since November of 2017. 

3. I'm still playing out daily - I've added a couple bigger venues for this year, including The Straz Riverwalk, and Hard Rock Tampa! As always, you can keep up with those shows on my social media sties, and the live show schedule on this website. This is all thanks to D. Bailey Management, who I teamed up with in the final months of 2018. 

4. I've been invited to perform at WHIGFEST 2019, opening up for some pretty big acts, including Trampled by Turtles, Tyler Childers, and local-favorite Geri X (this will be my second show with her, and I'm beyond excited). 


I know I've been slow on the blogging, but please keep up with my social media to see news updates! I adore your faces <3 

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Fall 2018

Time for a fall update! 

As of this month, all of the songs for the new album have been recorded, and are being moved onto the mixing/mastering process! The album will officially be released in Spring 2019, and the title has been decided: Brave. The album will include all new original music, and I even threw in an older song that I originally scratched from "A Thing or Two About a Dream". This is most definitely the biggest project I've gotten myself into, and I'm January 2019 can't come soon enough. 

Adding to that, January is also going to see me going back to Anaheim, CA for the NAMM (National Association for Music Merchants) convention! I'll be working closely with Elite Acoustics while sampling their amazing gear. Stay in touch with me to find out if I get chosen to perform - my press kit has been delivered, so pretty soon we should know if I'll be able to showcase! 

As for the more immediate future, I'll be continuously playing all around the Bay Bubble, writing new music, and planning for larger endeavors in 2019. I'm thinking of planning a few small tours throughout the year!


The New Album Has Begun! (July-Aug '18)

Hello loves! Summer is coming to an end (still can't believe that), so I figured it was time to update you on what I was up to the last couple months. 

As of August, I have officially begun the process of recording my new CD! The new album (yet to be named), is scheduled to be released in December of this year (fingers crossed), or at the very beginning of 2019. The album will contain eight original tracks, and introduces a much bigger sound than my first album - horns, organs, and strings are a few of the new instruments that will be included, which ATOTAAD did not have. I feel like I've grown so much as a songwriter, and the songs have stronger arrangements, deeper lyrics, and more meaningful... well, meanings. Photography for the album has already been completed, and as it stands, I'm already three songs in! For updates, make sure to follow my social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook), as well as this website. 

August also saw me being nominated for Creative Loafing's (a local magazine - both print and online - dedicated various entertainment around the 'Bay Area), "Best of the Bay 2018". This is my second time being nominated for this reader's poll, except this time, I have been chosen for three different categories (as opposed to one in 2016): Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Vocalist, and Best Original Pop Act. The winners will be chosen at the end of September. To vote, click here

In the area of radio-based media, I have been invited to be a guest on two different shows in the U.S: 

  • Music Business Hacks podcast (airing Aug. 29 @ 10am). The show is hosted by Simon Tam, an author, musician, and activist. His biography states that he is best known for being the bassist for a group called "The Slants", which is "the world’s first and only all-Asian American dance rock band". In addition to this, he his work has been mentioned in various media outlets, including BBC, NPR, and Rolling Stone Magazine. Outside of the music realm, he is also an activist, and has even worked with former-President Barack Obama! I'm so honored to be a guest on his podcast. For more information on Simon, click here ). 
  • A Los Angeles-based radio program hosted by Sonny Rock (A & M Records, Sony Picture, Warner Bros.. at Capitol Records, Hollywood, L.A). The interview is yet to be scheduled, so keep up with my social media to see when! 

Moving across the Atlantic, I am scheduled to be a guest on a radio station in the UK! The interview will be in September, by phone. Information on the radio station can be found here

Another highlight form 2018's late-summer was in July, when I opened for the 'Bay Area's local songwriting legend, Geri X. As noted in many of my online biographies, radio interviews, and social media posts, Geri is by far one of my biggest inspirations. She's toured the world, released 15 albums (all of which I own), and continues to play regularly and tour. The show took place at The Hub Bar in downtown Tampa, and also featured another popular artist, Rebekah Pulley, who has also had a strong impact on the local music scene. 

I'm beyond excited for what the rest of the year has in store, and I'm so touched by the support that I receive every day. Here's to the last 4 months of 2018!



Happy Summer! 

This past month I attended the Key Largo Original Music Festival, where I was able to collaborate and share the stage with some amazing musicians. Many were from Nashville and had toured the country with other national acts, and one of them was a recent contestant on The Voice. I played at several locations along the main strip, including the "World-Famous Caribbean Club". At the closing performance, I was lucky enough to meet a producer who features singer/songwriters on Thunder 100.3, a radio station that airs all throughout Southern Florida, and my album is now a part of their rotation. 






In a round with Julie Gribble, actress and songwriter






Fast-forwarding to this month, I had the opportunity to perform at Tropicana Field for the Tampa Bay Rays game. With two other band members joining me, I greeted guests at the front door, only a few feet from the actual field. The show went so well that they invited me back for two more games, and a guarantee for more later on in the season, as well as a promise to become one of their regular performers. 



As for the rest of the summer, I plan on keeping up with my regular residencies (currently there are nine continuous spots throughout the month), as well as finding new venues around the area. I am still writing new music, and I have plans to begin recording my new album in August!


Be sure to keep up with  the LIVE SHOWS section to see when I'm playing next :)


HELLO LOVES! I'm a bit shocked this year is already almost half-way done, and 2018 has definitely been my busiest year so far. The past few months saw me going to L.A, doing a couple radio shows (The Mike Kara Radio Program, and the Texas-based Queen Silvy Show), and playing my usual average of 25 shows a month. Between songwriting, traveling, and planning the next album, it's safe to say the next few months will be even busier! 

On May 17, I'll be headed down south to Key Largo for the 2018 Key Largo Original Music Festival! The schedule is posted on their site, as well as mine. I'll be playing at 4 different locations throughout the weekend (and possibly finding some open mics!) I'll be playing mostly new songs that I've written in the past year, but I'll be sure to include some from the album, as well. 

Which brings me to the bigger news... this month I'll be beginning the pre-production plans for my new album! The songs are finally finished, and I'm moving on to the demo-recording stage. It takes time to record an album, so this will likely be released later this year (I'm shooting for the winter - maybe near my birthday in December?). There will be 9 tracks, and I'll be teaming up with some great musicians! Keep up with the website and my social media pages (facebookinstagramtwitter, etc.) for updates on that. 

Lastly, it's been confirmed that I will be playing with my band at the Tampa Bay Ray's Game on June 10! This will be my second major sporting event (the last was in 2016, where I played at the Yankee's Spring Training game at Steinbrenner Field). Keep up with this website, as well as my social media pages, for pictures and videos from this event! 


Coffee and Donuts (Sept '17)