And hello, February! A month into the new year, Frankie's already been making some long strides. The end of January saw her attending the National Association of Music Merchants Convention (NAMM) in Anaheim, CA. In addition to performing at the booth for Elite Acoustics (an LA Based audio company), she was able to meet and associate with several music company reps and artists (including a company that is working closely with her go get an endorsement deal). While January was light as far as live shows go (she only played 15 in January compared to her average of 25), it was a very successful month for making connections. 

February is bringing opportunities, as well! In the middle of the month, Frankie will be recording for an online radio show called "Indie Insight". The show will be pre-recorded, the link will be posted to this website as soon as it releases. Other plans are being made as far as new venues, new media opportunities (both television and radio), new merchandise, and being invited to the NAMM convention in Nashville, TN this summer. Most importantly, there will be new music being released in the next few months, as well! 

This year, we will also see Frankie attend the 2018 Key Largo Original Music Festival! Performance dates are TBD, but the festival runs from May 17-20. This will mark her 2nd major out-of-town music for this year. 

Cheers to 2018!                              Playing at the 2018 NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA, for Elite Acoustics. 

INTRODUCING 2018! (Dec '17/Jan '18)

Happy 2018! Here's to a look back at 2017, and some exciting news for the new year: 

The beginning of 2017 allowed me to venture into new venues and cities - including notable hotels such as Aloft and the Hilton (both in the Bay Area). I was invited to play at a few local community events, such as the Taste of South Tampa, and gatherings at the Lakewood Ranch Country Club. By the summer, planning had already begun for my next album, with new material being written and arranged. My album, "A Thing or Two About a Dream", continued to gain radio play, spreading to stations down in Sarasota and Bradenton. In addition to radio play, I was invited to be a guest on a Sarasota-based radio show, "Coffee and Donuts", where I played one of my new originals, "Brave". 

While I made some long strides last year, there are big plans for 2018!

January marks my first month working with a professional management team. I have partnered with Now Hear This, Inc. for media relations and promotion. The president, Bruce Wawrzyniak, has graciously offered to help further my notoriety. Plans with NHT include new festivals, new media appearances (television/radio/news), and a stronger online presence through online radios and social media platforms. 

Also happening this month, I will be traveling to the west coast to perform at the 2018 NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA! I will be working with Elite Acoustics by performing original music at their booth to promote their sound equipment. NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), is the largest music conference in the U.S, with more than 7,000 companies coming together to trade, perform, sell, and introduce their products. 

At the home front, new merchandise is being planned and will be released within the next month. Plans for the first quarter include a professional video, new venues and festivals, and most importantly, new original music! Be sure to follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter! Be sure to keep up with this website as well for updates on shows, news, and media. Here's to 2018! 

Coffee and Donuts (Sept '17)

Debuted September 2nd. I was invited to be on the Sarastoa-based radio show, "Coffee and Donuts". The show airs on five different frequencies across the Sarastoa/Bradenton area. The interview included talks about the music industry, my goals inspirations, etc. Listen until the end.. I debut my new original song, "Brave"! The interview is not available online, but you can download the link below to listen.




Hello friends! It's been a good while since updating you on what has been one of the busiest years in my music so far. Seeing as it is already August, I would like to share some plans for the rest of the year. 

1: Merchandise. This was promised months ago, but I have finally found the outlets I need to get what I need done. The stickers are still out, however I willl be adding bracelets, buttons, and even coloring books! All will be available at my live shows. Here's a sneak peak of some of them below:

2: New shows/venues: These are continuous, and there are always live shows being added to the Live Shows part of this website. In addition to the several residencies, I am always adding new venues and new towns. 

3. New Media appearances: I was recently invited to be a musical guest on the WSLR (Sarasota-based) radio show, "Coffee and Donuts", that airs twice a week. Shows are pre-recorded, so when the release date for that show is announced, it will be updated on the Home Page of this website. (Links to the show will be provided, as well.)

4. New Opportunities: This is probably the one I can't give as many details for, but there has been talk of some pretty exciting collaborations and business opportunities. It involves a label and a development deal, though that's all I can say for you now.

5. New Songs: After the release of my most recent project (ATOTAAD), I have been trying to develop my writing further to incorporate some different sounds. New songs can always be heard at my live shows, and there are several new ones in the works. 

As always, updates can always be found via my social media sites, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and of course, this website. 


Only a month and a half into 2017, Frankie is already making most of the year by adding residencies to her already-busy show schedule. Currently, she holds monthly re-occuring spots at seven different locations around the 'Bay Area: 

Kokonut Hut: Bradenton FL: Every Tuesday
Island Time Bar & Grill, Bradenton FL: Every other Monday
Siesta Key Oyster Bar, Siesta Key FL: Every other Wednesday
Davidson's Dockside, Tarpon Springs FL: Every other Saturday
Mugs at Icot, Clearwater FL: 1st and 3rd Thursday
Gaspar's Patio & Grill, Tampa FL: 2nd Saturday
Craft Life Brewing, Land O' Lakes FL: 3rd Friday

After becoming a regular performer at these spots, she was offered a set-schedule rotation based on audiences that had been asking when she would return. In between these residencies, she has been continuously invited to return to 10-15 other restaurants and venues that she has been playing since early last year (some of them since 2015). For all of Frankie's upcoming shows, visit the Live Show Schedule page. 

In addition to building up her fan base around Florida at her shows, a merchandise line has been in the works and will release later this month-early March. Stickers (which she hands out with CD purchases at her live shows) have already been completed and are a small part of what she has in store. 

With residencies locked in and merchandise on the way, Frankie hopes to follow these already-busy two months with more television and radio appearances to add to her resume, and of course, new music! Keep an eye on the Home page of this website (under "Media Appearances"), to see when more media appearances are added. 

A snapshot from her Instagram of the new "Www.FrankieRaye.com" stickers.



Following the most successful year in Frankie's music career, 2017 is already showing promise. 2016 saw Frankie releasing her album, "A Thing or Two About a Dream", appearing on Tampa Bay's Morning Blend, performing at the Yankees Spring Training game, making another local radio appearance on the Florida Folk Show, and performing at several large music festivals (most notable of which being at the Hard Rock Casino and Coachman Park). She also had over 300 shows in around 25 different cities around the Sunshine State!

This year is likely to be as successful as the last, with promises for new original music, new festivals, more television and radio appearances, and a schedule that is already filled for the first few months of the year. 

At the end of December, Frankie's growing popularity resulted in her being invited to be a part of the Orlando Music Factory's "Independent Artist Series"  where she played a new original song and was interviewed about her music career. Also during this month, Frankie was booked to play a holiday show at the Tampa International Airport (video here), which has around 2k views! 

Though it will take a lot to top the successes of 2016, Frankie's growing fan base is likely to bring her career even further in 2017. Be sure to check out the Live Show page to keep track of her live shows, and stay tuned for new music. 

In the studio at the Orlando Music Factory, filming for episode 3 of "Independent Artist Series"


With the new CD, "A Thing or Two About a Dream" being out for over a month now, Frankie is already selling-out of her initial batch and ready to re-order. Aside from online purchases through iTunes and CD Baby, hard copies have been selling at every show at venues along the east coast of Florida (the locations span at around 100 mile radius). The CD sales have been sold to locals, but have also been sold to international visitors form England, Canada, and various states around the U.S. Because still plays full-time (averaging at around 25-30 shows a month), her social media sites have been gaining followers, and her website has been getting more hits each day. Even in November, new venues are still being added for this month and December. 

Earlier this month, Frankie received an opportunity that was a result of someone seeing her at one of her live shows. She was offered an audition at one of Tampa's largest entertainment companies, Breezin' Entertainment. Her audition went well, and she has already been booked at several large venues, including the Ritz Carlton and the Tampa International Airport (both of which have visitors from all over the world). To find more information on these shows (and the shows Frankie is booking herself), be sure to check the Live Shows page, as well as her Facebook page. Also, keep an eye out for new videos of new songs - Frankie is already starting to gather ideas for her next album!

A snapshot from Frankie's view at the Ritz Carlton. November 2016.



After nearly a year of recording, writing, producing, and promoting through radio and television, Frankie's new album, "A Thing or Two About a Dream" is available for purchase! Physical copies of the album will be available later this month, but you can now download the album through CD Baby (or by visiting the Home and Discography pages of this website). They will also be available at Frankie's live shows. The album will also be distributed digitally through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, and other online retailers. 

"A Thing or Two About a Dream" was recorded in Clearwater, FL (the studio was actually owned by a member of the break-out band, Hope Darling).  Frankie is featured on vocals, guitar, and ukulele. She joined three other musicians for the album, who she has played live shows with as well: Frank Dancey (drums), Mike Malloy (piano), and Greg Loehr (lead guitar). The album also features Charles N'Bu-Eke on piano and guitar for two of the tracks. 

Though this is technically her second album release (her debut album had more independent distribution through her bandcamp page and at her live shows), this is the first time her music is being distributed globally. The widespread distribution will allow her music to be heard internationally, which is a major milestone for Frankie's career. 


With the upcoming release of Frankie's new CD, "A Thing or Two About a Dream", several media outlets have began to take notice to her developing music career. Earlier this month, Frankie made another television appearance on a local ABC talk show, "Tampa Bay Morning Blend", where she performed a new song from the album. The appearance gained enough attention for Frankie to be invited to play at a local venue, as well as gain followers from areas outside of the Bay area. Later that same week, Frankie was invited to perform on another local radio program, "Florida Folk Show", where she performed a song from the new album, as well as a song from her all-acoustic album, "Chapters". (Both of these appearances marked her second time on a television and a radio show.)

Only a couple months earlier, Frankie was accepted to participate in the Hard Rock Casino's June Acoustic Music Showcase, and event that's sponsored by iHeartRadio, Dean Guitars, and 98Rock. This, of course, was not her first appearance at the notable Seminole Hard Rock Casino, but this time introduced her to the main stage, where she played all originals. 

If this all wasn't enough, Frankie was also nominated for "Best Singer/Songwriter" in a popular local magazine that features live music from around the 'Bay area (link here). 

Live shows have also begun to increase - Frankie is averaging about 6 shows a week at venues that range from Hernando Beach down to Sarasota (and is gaining followers and repeat bookings at each spot). In addition to the live shows, Frankie was recently invited to play at an all-original songwriters showcase, called Millennial Chill, which includes several well-known artists, including  Francesca Ani and Jessica Rose Powell.  Media from this event, as well as the others mentioned above, can be found on the Video and Photo pages.

A live shot from the Hard Rock June Acoustic Music Showcase. 


Performing at the Live Local Festival, Clearwater FL 
Although 2016 is almost half way finished, Frankie has already turned it into her busiest year in music. Since January, 17 new venues have been added to the rotation - that's 17 debuts that have all agreed to repeat bookings (including a spot at the notable Hard Rock Hotel & Casino). In addition to the full-time gig schedule (which is around 5-6 days/nights a week), the upcoming follow-up CD, "A Thing or Two About A Dream", is very close to being completed and scheduled to release in the fall. Once the CD releases, Frankie is making plans to return to various WMNF 88.5 talk shows (including "She Bop" and "Musician's Wanted"), as well as to return to the CBS "Studio 10" morning talk show, where she's already made an appearance after the release of her debut album, "Chapters" (link to interview and performace on Frankie's youtube channel). 

Earlier in the year, Frankie performed at a Yankees Spring Training game at Steinbrenner Field, which had media coverage from the local radio station, 102.5 The Bone. A few months later, she was accepted to play at the Live Love Local festival in Clearwater. She was accompanied by her full band during both of these events (photos from these performances).

The Frankie Raye fan page continues to gain more likes from areas outside of Florida, and her hits on Soundcloud continue to grow. Be sure to check back for more news, pictures, videos, and Frankie's next CD release!



This month marks Frankie's first radio debut. She was invited to be a guest on the local 88.5 show, Musician's Wanted for a one-hour interview and performance. She played seven original songs, two of which can be heard on the Chapters CD, while the other five are newer songs being released on the upcoming CD (scheduled to be released later in 2016). This is Frankie's first media appearance being accompanied by two other musicians, Frank Dancey (drums) and Mike Malloy (piano), who both will be recording with her on her next album. 

You can hear the radio show for one week only here: Musician's Wanted 88.5

Along with gaining media attention through radio, Frankie has officallly become a full-time musician. Plans for her upcoming CD are being finalized, photoshoots are being scheduled, and she had added several new venues to her schedule that have all agreed to repeat bookings (including a restaurant where she co-hosts an open mic once a week). Information on these shows, including new shows which are being added daily, can be found by checking the live show page. 

Photo from debut radio appearance


Earlier this month, Frankie made her television debut on a local talk show, "Studio 10".

She was invited onto the program after the release of her debut CD, "Chapters". While she discussed her music and her newly developed career, she also talks about non-musical endeavors, which is a testimony to her versatility. The performance included "Perfect Song" (which is proving itself to be the main hit off of the album seeing as it's already been aired on local radio and podcast stations), and a new one that she wrote shortly after her album release.

Videos from her performance can be found on the videos page, or by visiting her Youtube channel. 



Shortly after the release of her debut CD, Chapters, Frankie made an appearance on a local podcast show, "Podcast, Podcast". Not only did she co-host the episode, but she played a song from the album, as well. 

You can listen to the full episode here.


Debut CD, Chapters, is finally completed and ready for sale! After months of hard work, and years of songwriting, the 10-track CD is finally ready for sale. You can purchase the CD by visiting Bandcamp or buying it in person, or at the live shows. While the album is primarily acoustic, Frankie worked with her producer, Charles N'Bu-Eke to add a bigger sound to two of the tracks on the album, "Perfect Song", and "My Old Town". 


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